Jupiter is Saviour of Earth.

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What is Jupiter ?

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun in the Solar system. it is the largest planet in the Solar System with a mass one thousandth that of the Sun. Jupiter is a gas giant planet having mass.  Its mass is  two and a half times higher than of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.

How big is Jupiter ?

Jupiter diameter is approximately 143,000 kilometers (about 89,000 miles) wide at its equator. Jupiter is so massive that all of the other planets in the solar system could fit inside it. More than 1,300 Earth like planets can fit inside Jupiter.

Jupiter is so bright that one can see it in night  with naked eyes and sometimes also in day when light is low.

Surface area of Jupiter is 6.1419×10¹⁰ km2  

Mass of Jupiter is 1.8982×10²⁷ Kg and 

Jupiter's average distance from the sun is 5.2 astronomical units, or AU. This distance is  five times more than  the distance from Earth to the sun. The planet is named after Jupiter, the king of the Roman God.

Rotation and Revolution of Jupiter:

Jupiter rotates, or spins, faster than any other planet in solar system.  Jupiter's day is only about 9 hour 50 minutes ( less than 10 hours). Jupiter’s orbit around the sun is elliptical, or oval-shaped. 

Jupiter orbits about  778 million Kilometres (484 million miles)  or 5.2 Astronomical Units (AU) from our Sun (Earth is one AU from the Sun). 

For orbiting this hudge distance Jupiter takes 11.862 Earth years to make one revolution around the sun, so one year on Jupiter is equal to about 12 years on Earth.

Jupiter Gravitational Force.

Jupiter surface Gravity is 24.79 m/s², it is about 2.4 times the force of gravity on the Earth.  A person who weighs 100 kg on Earth would weigh about 240 kg on Jupiter. 

Jupiter Magnetic field is very powerful and it is like a giant magnet. The  magnetic field  of Jupiter is 20 times stronger than the magnetic field on Earth.

Because of the massive gravitational force and powerful magnetic field Jupiter often protects Earth and the other inner planets by deflecting comets and asteroids, sometimes it sends objects on a collision course straight toward the inner planets.

Due to these Characteristics of Jupiter in Hindi its Called Guru. In Sanskrit these  names mean, "Teacher, Lord of Light, and teacher to the Gods."  



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