Flight Data Recorder of crashed Boeing 737-800 is found

China plane crash, MU5735

China Plane Crash: Flight Data Recorder of crashed Boeing 737-800 is found

Second Black Box Recovered

The second black box, or flight data recorder, of the crashed China Eastern Flight No. MU5737 ( Boeing 737-800), was found  on Sunday morning, its a major equipment for finding out the acual cause of crash. Now the two black boxes are expected to provide some clues that might explain the tragic crash.

As per news agency it was found beneath a 1.5-meter layer of soil at the crash site.

The first black box (Cockpit Voice Recorder) was found from the crash site in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Wednesday night, days after the crash happened. But Chinese officials said  the possibility of damage to the storage unit of the first black box cannot be ruled out.

The first black box was sent for rea out Beijing. The analysis of its data is underway.

Both recorders are fitted in the tail area of the Boeing B737-800 aircraft, according to its design. The flight data recorder is positioned above the ceiling in the back of the cabin, and the cockpit voice recorder is located in the rear luggage compartment.

The two black boxes are significant for finding the cause of the air crash, and the data of the two recorders can confirm and support each other. After analysing the data of both recorders, it may possible to reach out a conclusion for actual picture.

No Servival

Officials announced on Saturday night that that all 132 onboard flight MU5735, 123 passengers and nine crew members, have been confirmed dead. This confirmation came after DNA analysis of all human tissues found from crash site.

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