Air India Aircraft Orders: 190 Boeing 737 Max and 30 Wide Body

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Air India Massive Aircraft Order

190 Boeing narrow-body planes and 30 wide ones are part of Air India's massive order, according to a report

According to industry sources, the agreement will likely include an undefined number of Boeing 777X long-range aircraft.

According to industry insiders, Air India is nearing an agreement to acquire more than 200 Boeing aircraft, including 190 737 MAX narrowbody and 30 787 widebody models, as part of a historic fleet shake-up roughly divided with Boeing's European rival Airbus.

They stated that an undefined number of Boeing 777X long-range aircraft are also anticipated to be part of the transaction.

Separately, according to industry insiders, Airbus is advancing toward a contract with Air India that would include at least 200 aircraft from its narrowbody A320 series as well as numerous larger A350s.

According to media sources questions were sent to the airline by Boeing, which stated that it had no immediate reply. Airbus opted not to comment.

In an effort to revive itself under the Tata Group, Reuters reported on Sunday that Air India was close to ordering from Airbus and Boeing close to 500 jets, including 400 narrowbody models, for tens of billions of dollars.

According to sources in the industry, Airbus is anticipated to receive a somewhat greater share of the significant fleet replacement and expansion.

According to a Friday Bloomberg report, Boeing was getting close to receiving a purchase order for up to 200 of its 737 MAX aircraft.

Currently, the Tata group has 124 aircraft in Air India, 45 aircraft in Tata Airlines, 28 aircraft in AirAsia India, and 24 aircraft in Air India Express. The future plan is to merge all three airlines into Air India by 2023. After merging all of these, Air India will be the leader of aviation in Indian skies.

Experts warn that a number of obstacles, including as weak domestic infrastructure, a lack of pilots, and the potential for fierce rivalry with well-established Gulf and other airlines, stand in the way of Air India's aim to regain a major position globally.

May Affect the Indian Carrier

This massive order of aircraft will affect the business of other carriers in India. Air India is going to give a tough competition to Indigo, who was alone in enjoying the cake for so long. In the future, small airlines may bind up, and others will reject their business after seeing these orders.

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