Plane Crash | Plane crashed in Nepal with 72 onboard

Plane Crash in Nepal | Pokhara Nepal plane crash

Nepal Plane Crash

ATR aircraft ATR-72 carrying 72 onboard got a fatal crash, no chance of survival.

The shocking visual coming from the crash sight of Nepal Plane Crash. An ATR 72 aircraft of Yeti Airlines carrying 72 people on board, including four crew members, crashed in Pokhara District of Nepal at 11 am on Sunday. As per news agency and social media all onboard have died in the crash. Rescue operation is going on to recover the dead bodies.

According to preliminary reports, the ATR 72 aircraft, with 68 passengers onboard, crashed after 20 minutes it took off from Kathmandu for Pokhara, a few kilometres away from the destination airport.

Rescue operations are going on as visuals on social media showed smoke billowing from the crash site. The aircraft is totally destroyed.

Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal called an emergency Cabinet meeting in the wake of the plane tragedy According to Associated Press news, the Prime Minister has urged security personnel and the local public to help with the rescue efforts.

Citizens onboard

Aircraft crash at Pokhara Airport in Nepal had 53 Nepali, 5 Indian, 4 Russian, One Irish, 2 Koreans, 1 Argentinian and including one French national were on board. According to medi reports all onboard have dried in this fatal crash.

Plane Crash | yeti airlines plane crash

Aircraft details

The fatal crash plane details are as under:

Aircraft Type: ATR 42/72

MSN- 754

Aircraft registation No.- 9N-ANC

First flight date 01/08/2007

Plane age 15.5 years


Country Nepal

Investigation Continue

After takeoff, the ATR 72 aircraft on a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara crashed.

As per the viral video on social media, it looks like everything is normal in the passenger cabin; they were recording the outside view during landing. They were not informed by the pilot about any glitch. All of the sudden aircraft went down and caught fire. The video, which was taken outside, shows that the weather was clear.


Exactly what happened will come to know after Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data recorder analysis.

Although the cause of the incident is still being looked into, initial indications indicate that it was caused by a technical issue rather than adverse weather, as was originally believed.

According to the Nepal Aviation Authority, they would consider all relevant aspects, such as the weather, the state of the aircraft, and the behaviour of the pilots.

The aircraft's black boxes have been located and are currently being examined for more data.

Five Indian national were among the passengers on board the flight.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were impacted by this crash because of the awful tragedy that claimed many lives.

To ascertain the reason for the accident and to implement any required adjustments to increase future safety, the authorities must conduct a thorough investigation.

Nepal has bad safety record

Aviation accidents are not uncommon in Nepal, often due to its remote runways and sudden weather changes that can make for hazardous conditions.

A Tara Air plane crashed in May 2022 in the northern Nepalese district of Mustang, killing 22 people.

In early 2018, 51 people were killed when a US-Bangla flight travelling from Dhaka in Bangladesh caught fire as it landed in Kathmandu.

The European Union has banned Nepalese airlines from its airspace over concerns about training and maintenance standards in the country's aviation industry.

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