Russia will not come to help India if China attacks LAC: USA

Biden & Modi, USA & India

Russia will not come to help India if China attacks LAC: Deputy Security Advisor (USA)

USA is not happy with India

There is tension between the US and India over India's stand in the Russia-Ukraine war. America is not happy with India's stand over Russia. The USA was expecting India to openly oppose Russia, but it did not happen. India is freely doing normal business with Russia.

America's Deputy Security Adviser, Dalip Singh, said in Delhi on Thursday that Russia will not come to India's rescue if China attacks the LAC.

During a conversation with a private TV channel, Dalip Singh said this while answering a question related to changes in Indo-US relations due to the Ukraine war.

He mentioned the deep ties and future prospects in all fields, including the business partnership between India and America.

He said that the trade partnership between India and America is more than ten times bigger than the trade partnership between Russia and India. Along with this, on the issue of security, he said that the situation in this area is changing.

Dalip Singh said, "Times have also changed in the matter of security. China and Russia have announced a no-limits partnership. China has said in a statement that Russia is its most important strategic partner.

And as Russia takes the place of a junior partner in this partnership, China's pressure on Russia will increase. And with this, the situation will become unfavourable for India's strategic stand. Does anyone think that if China violates the LAC, then Russia will come forward to help India? I don't think so."

Reference: BBC Hindi

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