Ukraine Russia Crisis: Ukrainian are fighting for Survival

Ukraine Russia war

Ukraine Russia Crisis: Ukrainian are fighting for Survival, What happening now in Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine Live Update

According to a CNN news reporter, the United States of America and other NATO member countries have delivered Ukraine 17,000 antitank missiles and 2,000 stinger anti-aircraft missiles so far.

It's a Simply Terror

According to Kyiv Independent,  Zelensky said: “During the night, Russia hit Mykolayiv, residential areas, using rocket artillery. They hit Kharkiv, neighbourhoods, they hit other cities too.”

This had zero sense from a military standpoint, it’s simply terror- President Zelenskyy said.

Ukrainian President Zelensky also said that If the invasion continues, and Russia is not stopping, a new sanction package is needed.

Zelensky also said: A boycott of Russian export, refusal to buy Russian oil & petroleum products. He also said that You can call it an embargo or a moral thing to do, when you refuse to give money to terrorists.

Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

According to Euro News, EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell has stated that the EU must be prepared to accommodate five million refugees from Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues.

Since the Russian invasion began, more than 140,000 refugees have returned to Ukraine. Men make up 80% of those who return, according to the State Border Guard Service.

Ukraine has rejected a Russian proposal to evacuate civilians in conflict zones to Belarus and Russia, instead requesting humanitarian corridors to other parts of the country- Bloomberg

Russia has rejected to attend ICJ

According to the head judge, Russia has rejected to attend a hearing before the UN's top court on Monday in which Ukraine is seeking an emergency order to end the violence- AFP

Ukraine is fighting for Survival

Damaged apartment blocks, university buildings, and Russian convoys are seen in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which has been bombarded by Russian forces practically nonstop in recent days- AFP

A fire breaks out inside a gasoline and storage depot in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, after a civilian airport was destroyed by a barrage of Russian missiles. The Fire fighters struggling to put off the dangerous fire in gasoline depot of destroyed Vinnystia Airport- AFP

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