Ukraine: Why did Russia invaded Ukraine, What Putin Want?

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Ukraine: Why did Russia invades Ukraine, What does Putin Want?, What will be the fate of Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine War

The 24th February 2022 was a wreatched day for Ukrainian People when Russia has launched a devastating air, land, and sea attack on Ukraine, a Civilized European democracy of 44 million people. 

Its forces are bombing city centers, civilians and the capital, Kyiv, as well as the Russian-occupied Kharkiv, Kherson, and Mariupol, leading to a mass exodus of refugees. President Putin has said that the Russian army has destroyed all military bases in Ukraine.

For months, President Vladimir Putin denied war fears that he would invade neighboring Ukraine, but then he broke a peace deal and took military action in the north, east, and south of Ukraine, which Germany called "Putin's War." said.

In view of the death toll and the great destruction of Ukraine, the international community has accused the Russian leader of disturbing the peace in Europe. What happens next could put the continent's entire security infrastructure at risk.


AN225 Miriya, Antonov 225, AN 225 Destroyed
AN225 Destroyed by Russian Bombing

Why Russia attacked on Ukraine?

On February 24, President Putin said that Russia could not "feel safe, develop, or exist" because of the continual threat posed by contemporary Ukraine in a pre-dawn TV address.

Immediately, airfields and military headquarters were attacked, then tanks and military convoys from Russia, Russia-allied Crimea and its ally Belarus entered Ukraine. Russian forces are bombing city centres, civilians and the capital, Kyiv, as well as the Russians occupying Kharkiv, Kherson and Mariupol, leading to a mass exodus of refugees. President Putin has said that the Russian army has destroyed all military bases in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin is warning of dire consequences, threatening a nuclear attack on the intervention of any third country. Russia is not ready to talk about any country's appeal for peace. The Russian army is firing indiscriminately on Ukraine from all sides. Nothing is left behind. It has even destroyed the AN-225 Miria, the world's largest transport aircraft. He also opened fire on Ukraine's nuclear power plant and seized several nuclear plants. Over one million refugees have left Ukraine and taken refuge in neighboring countries. The Ukraine is in serious trouble.

Kyiv TV tower Ukraine
Kyiv TV Tower Destroyed

Many of its leaders' arguments for refusing to use the terms of war or invasion were false or irrational.

Putin claimed that his only goal was to protect victims of bullying and genocide, and that his main goal was to "demilitarize Ukraine and free it from the Nazis." There has been no genocide in Ukraine: it is a vibrant democracy, led by Jewish presidents.

"How can I be a Nazi?" you might wonder. Ukraine's President, Vladimir Zelensky, responded to Putin by saying. President Zelensky then stated, "My ancestor was martyred battling the Nazis during WWII, and I am Russian, more than Russians." I love you just as much as you love yourself.

With President Putin often accusing Ukraine of being taken over by extremists and warning of dire consequences, Russia has been angry with Ukraine ever since Ukraine fired pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich in 2014 after months of protests against his regime. It was removed in

After Russia occupied the southern region of Crimea at the time and started an insurgency in the east, it backed the separatists, who fought Ukrainian forces in a war that claimed the lives of 14,000 people.

In late 2021, Russia began deploying large numbers of troops closer to Ukraine's borders, while repeatedly denying that it was about to attack. Mr. Putin then cancelled the 2015 peace deal for the East and recognised the rebel-controlled areas as independent.

Russia has long opposed Ukraine's move to the European Union and the West's defensive military alliance, NATO. In declaring Russia's invasion, he accused NATO of jeopardizing "our historic future as a nation."


Government Building Kharkiv
Destruction in Kharkiv 

Up to What Extent Russia will go?

It is now clear that Russia is trying to capture major cities and overthrow Ukraine's democratically elected government. President Zelensky said that Putin has identified me as target number one and my family as target number two. Putin wants to kill us all.

Russia's stated aim is to free Ukraine from oppression and "cleanse the Nazis." Under this false narrative of Ukraine's being run by fascists since 2014, Mr. Putin has called for bringing "those who have committed many bloody crimes against civilians" to court.

What are Putin's ambitions for Ukraine?

His long-term ambitions for Ukraine are unknown. He denied seeking annexation of Ukraine and in January dismissed a UK allegation that he was plotting to set up a pro-Kremlin puppet. An unconfirmed intelligence report states that their aim is to divide the country into two halves.

He faces stiff resistance from a deeply hostile population, but has shown that he is ready to bomb civilian areas to accomplish his goals.

There is no immediate threat to Russia's Baltic neighbors, but NATO has strengthened its defenses just in case.

 Before the invasion, Russia's public focus had always been on areas formerly occupied by Russian-backed rebels. But that status changed when President Putin recognized their independence.

He not only clarified that he no longer saw them as part of Ukraine, but he revealed that he supported his claims for greater Ukrainian territory. Self-proclaimed people's republics cover more than a third of Donetsk's territory in Luhansk, and rebels want the rest as well.

Ukraine Russia war

Ukraine and the rest of the world were dismissive of Russia's threat

From the developments so far, it appears that Ukraine as well as its allies did not take the Russian threat seriously. They were all thinking that Russia's threat was just a giddy blunder and would not attack in the end. Ukraine's President, Vladimir Zelensky, was also thinking that Putin would not attack in front of America and its allies. The whole world was taking this threat lightly, and no one took it seriously. Some western countries were successful in evacuating their citizens from Ukraine in view of the tension, but the Indian government did not understand this serious threat, and the citizens remained trapped in Ukraine. The Indian government is struggling to evacuate its citizens.

In which direction will this war go?

 No one knows in which direction the war will go, no one knows what Putin's intention is. All western countries have been using Ukraine as a litmus paper for tests and have left Ukraine's President Zelensky as well as their country's future on Russia's hands.

So much so that after Ukraine, if Putin looks to the west at some other country, nuclear war is certain and then there will be terrible destruction. At present, all countries are keeping a close eye on Putin and Ukraine.

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