World Environment Day: World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment Day

World Environment Day: World Environment Day Celebration, Only one Earth

World Environment Day

The United Nation's main medium for increasing awareness and action for environmental conservation is World Environment Day (WED), which is observed every year on June 5th. It has served as a venue for raising awareness on environmental concerns such as marine pollution, overcrowding, global warming, sustainable consumption, and wildlife crime since its inception in 1973. Every year nore than 143 countries participate in World Environment Day, which serves as a global forum for public outreach for awareness about environments. Each year, the programme offers a topic and a venue for businesses, non-profits, municipalities, governments, and celebrities to address environmental issues.

Official name: UN World Environment Day

Also called: Eco Day, Environment Day, WED (world environment day)

Type: International

Significance of World Environment Day Celebration is Environmental issues awareness.

Observances of the world Environment Day is Environment Protection.

Date: 5 June Every Year

First time: 5 June 1974; 47 years ago

History of World Environment Day

The United Nations launched World Environment Day in 1972 as a result of debates about the integration of human relationships and the environment at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment (5–16 June 1972). The first World Environment Day (WED) was observed two years later in 1974 after it first announced, with the theme of "Only One Earth."

The host country for world environment day 2022 is Sweden with the theme of Only One Earth.

World Environment Day has been raising awareness, encouraging action, and advancing environmental change for nearly five decades (January 2016).

The topic for World Environment Day in 2022 is "Only One Earth," and Sweden is hosting the event.

World Environment Day Anthem

An Earth Anthem written by famous poet Abhay K is sung to celebrate World Environment Day.

"Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl

the most beautiful planet in the universe

all the continents and all the oceans

united we stand as flora and fauna

united we stand as species of one earth

different cultures, beliefs and ways

we are humans, the earth is our home

all the people and the nations of the world

all for one and one for all

united we unfurl the blue marble flag."

The anthem was initially performed in June 2013 at a gathering organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations in New Delhi, India, on the occasion of World Environment Day by Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor which were the Union Ministers of India that time.

Habitat For Humanity, a non-profit organisation based in the United States, is a supporter.

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