Boeing 737 Max | Emergency door blown out in Air

Boeing 737 Max |  Emergency door blown out in Air

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max | Emergency door blown out in Air

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An Alaska Airlines flight AS1282, Boeing 737 MAX 9, experienced a rapid decompression after the emergency window blowout in air. The aircraft loses it's a large panel that included an emergency exit door on the left side of the plane at 16000 feet.

The flight made an emergency safe landing to Portland (PDX).

The rear mid-cabin exit door assembly of  Alaska Airlines 737-9 MAX seperated from the fuselage minutes after take off from Portland on 5 January 2024. The aircraft, registration number N704AL, departed Portland (PDX) for  for Ontario, CA (ONT) at 17:06 local time (01:06 UTC +1). The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 16,325 feet above mean sea level when this incident happened. The flight diverted safely back to Portland and it landed at 17:26, The flight was carrying 171 passengers and six crew, all are safe.

Boeing 737 Max |  Emergency door blown out in Air

The part of the fuselage that was lost on flight AS1282, was a plug used by Boeing to seal a door opening in the emergency window. This section of the fuselage houses an emergency exit door only on specific Boeing MAX 9 models aircraft that have a higher seating capacity.

Alaska Airlines Gronded Boeing 737 Max 

Alaska Airlines has grounds of it's 65 Boeing 737-9 MAX fleets for maintenance and inspection. The aircraft will be returned to service after investigation of root cause and further rectification.

Boeing is aware of the incident involving Alaska Airlines Flight AS1282. They are working to gather more information and in contact with Alaska airline. Boeing technical team stands ready to support the investigation. The statement comes from the X (Twitter).

DGCA asks Indian operator to inspect emergency exits of their Boeing 737-8 Max plane

New Delhi: On Saturday, the aviation regulator DGCA ordered domestic carriers to inspect all of its Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft's emergency exits right away.

Following the Alaska Airlines incident involving Boeing 737-9 Max aircraft, the instruction was issued.

FAA Grounded Boeing 737-9 Max

The FAA has issued its am Emergency Airworthiness Directive requiring inspection of all Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft installed with mid-aft cabin door plugs.

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