Chitgong Container Blast: More than 50 people killed

Chitgong Container Blast, Container Blast

Chitgong Container Blast: More than 50 people killed in a container blast in Bangladesh, over 450 injured

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Dhaka: More than 50 people died after massive fire broke out last night at a shipping container facility in Bangladesh's Chittagong after blast in one of container which contained explosive chemical.

The incident at the Sitakunda facility injured almost 300 individuals, and authorities expect the death toll to grow.

The fire erupted as a consequence of a chemical reaction, according to police officer Nurul Alam, who is stationed at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital's police outpost.

According to local media, the fire was started by a massive explosion.

According to the police officer, the fire started around 9 p.m. and the explosion happened around midnight. The flames quickly spread all over after the explosion.

According to Istakul Islam, the Health and Service Department Chief of the Red Crescent Youth Chittagong, "Over 450 people have been injured as a result of this tragedy. It's probable that the number of people killed will climb "he declared

The blast was so powerful, according to reports, that it smashed window panes in nearby homes.

"Around 19 firefighting units are working to put out the fire," said Md Faruk Hossain Sikdar, Assistant Director of Chittagong Fire Service and Civil Defense.

Since May 2011, the container depot has been operational.

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