Spicejet Plane made emergency landing after fire in engine

Spicejet plane fire

Spicejet Plane made emergency landing after fire in engine at Patna

SpiceJet flight from Patna: Spicejet Plane's engine catches fire mid-flight, forcing an emergency landing. The cause of the fire is not unknown and technical team evaluating the cause. There were over 180 passengers on board, and no injuries have been reported.

Several recordings of a fire in one of the engines during the climb phase have gone viral on social media.

A Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight returned to Patna airport on Sunday after reporting a technical issue that resulted in a fire in the aircraft. Immediately after takeoff, a fire was reported in the plane's engine. The crew and Air Traffic Control (ATC) worked together to arrange an emergency landing at Patna Airport. The plane landed without incident.

On Sunday afternoon, shortly after taking off, a SpiceJet Boeing 737 with around 200 people on board returned safely to Patna after the airport received complaints from villagers who claimed to have witnessed fire in one of the engines. During takeoff, a bird strikes the aeroplane (VT - SYZ). Flight SG 723's pilot in command (PIC), Captain Monica Khanna, shut off the damaged engine and made a successful emergency landing back in Patna with no injuries to anyone on board.

She very deftly executed an overweight landing at the Patna airfield, one of India's most important airports with towering trees on the approach to one end of the runway and a railroad track on the other.

The Delhi-bound flight was forced to return to Patna airport, according to Patna District Magistrate (DM) Chandrashekhar Singh, when people observed a fire in the plane and contacted district and airport officials.

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