Gautam Adani | Adani draped himself in the Indian flag while simultaneously looting the country- Hindenburg

Gautam Adani | Adani | Hindenburg

Gautam Adani: Adani is looting the country while draped himself in Indian Flag

The war between Hindenburg and Adani is not going to end, the Hindenburg is stick with there report while Adani response is something else. Adani claimed it false propaganda.

Adani releases a 413-page report outlined numerous issues of suspected fraud at the Adani Group, the second largest business man in India run by worlds seventh richest man.

What Hindenburg said toady?

As per the Hindenburg, Adani also claimed that Hindenburg research has committed a flagrant breach of applicable securities and foreign exchange laws. But Hindenburg said that  Adani’s failure to identify any such laws, this is another serious accusation by Adani's that we categorically deny.

Furthermore, it attempted to shift the conversation away from important concerns and toward a nationalist narrative by asserting that our research amounted to a "planned attack on India." In essence, the Adani Group has made an effort to link the prosperity of India with its own rise to prominence and the fortune of its chairman, Gautam Adani.

We are at odds. To be clear, we think India is a thriving democracy and a superpower on the rise with a promising future. We also think that the Adani Group, which has drape itself in the Indian flag while simultaneously looting the country, is holding back India's development.

We also think that fraud is fraud, even if it's committed by one of the richest people on the planet.

Adani's "413 page" answer was actually only about 30 pages long and covered topics that were relevant to our research.

The remainder of the response was made up of 53 pages of high-level financial information, general information, and details on unrelated company activities, such how it supports female entrepreneurship and the production of safe veggies, coupled with 330 pages of court records.

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