Gautam Adani: Adani Enterprises Shares Plummet, Massive Losses Across Industries Amidst Electoral Bond Data Revelation

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Supreme Court Decision and Electoral Bond Data Disclosure: Industrialists Face Massive Losses, Market Plunge

Sensex Crashed:

Supreme Court's decision has resulted in significant losses for industrialists due to the exposure of electoral bond data. Gautam Adani, Vinod Adani, Savitri Jindal, Kushal Pal Singh, and Mukesh Ambani are among those who have suffered the most. This is linked to SBI (State Bank of India) and the electoral bond data.

What's happening:

After the disclosure of electoral bond data, these industrialists have faced a severe setback. They lost trillions in just one day! The Indian stock market crashed, causing substantial losses to the industrialists. Gautam Adani and Vinod Adani have suffered the most.

It seems that this impact has occurred after the State Bank of India's association with the electoral bond data, possibly following the Supreme Court's decision to provide the data to the Election Commission. The Supreme Court's decision has dealt a significant blow to Modi and Adani.

As of the latest news reports, the damage has already been substantial, and the market is plummeting:

Total Losses:

- Gautam Adani - 72,934 crore

- Vinod Adani - 25,692 crore

- Savitri Jindal - 20,720 crore

- Mukesh Ambani - 21,548 crore

- Kushal Pal Singh (DLF) - 16,576 crore

The situation is dire not only for these industrialists but also for the country and other business leaders. Let's see how far this downturn goes.

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