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Obesity Prevention & Treatments

In the modern era, the way of living, eating and working in society has changed. Due to the change of living style, the body is not being taken care of regularly, which results in obesity.

Obesity is very fatal for the body. Due to obesity, the weight of a person increases so much that it starts to affect the health of the human being. 

When we consume excess calories in the form of food, these excess calories start accumulating in the body in the form of fat, and when the body is unable to use this extra fat, then obesity increases.

How to measure Obesity?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to measure obesity.  With a BMI calculator, you can easily know your obesity level. The BMI calculator is available on Google.

The BMI of a healthy person is below 25. 

BMI Level: 

BMI between 25 and 29-Overweight 

BMI between 30 and 40-Obesity category

Obese is defined as having a BMI greater than 40.

Causes of obesity:

Excessive calorie diet, junk food, carbonated beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and low intake of fruits and vegetables can cause a person to become obese.

Obesity can happen to anyone at all ages, even in children.

Obesity can also be caused by diseases:

Many diseases can also occur in people due to obesity. The use of some medicines also causes a person to gain weight and may become obese. It is normal for women to gain weight during pregnancy. However, sometimes pregnancy can lead to obesity later. Not sleeping well leads to hormonal changes in the body, which increases the appetite and makes us eat more and become obese.

Diseases caused by obesity:

Increasing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body due to obesity increases the chances of heart attack.There can be many serious diseases like stroke, cancer, decreased fertility, type 2 diabetes, gall bladder disease, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, liver fat, nerve disorder and arthritis.

How to reduce obesity?

  • We should sleep at least 8 hours per day, and sleeping early allows you to get up early in the morning to exercise before going to work, amount of sleeping will also strengthen the body's immune system.
  • You can keep your weight under control by regular exercise and adopt changes in lifestyle.  Fast walking, swimming and cycling are good exercises.  A quick morning & evening walk of at least 90 minutes (for both) reduces obesity and body fat. By doing this and controlling your food, at least 5 kg of weight can be reduced in 1 month. One should not reduce his weight too fast, it also has side effects on the body.
  • Eat a regular balanced diet at least three times a day.  Most people start eating at any time when they are hungry and do not follow the right time, which causes side effects on the body.  Some people consume sweet treats and junkfood, which again gives them more calories than they need and become obese.
Obesity diet HD image download

Obesity diet image download

Food for reduce weight

Green leafy vegetable for reduce weight

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Food for reduce weight

  • Consume low-calorie foods such as fruits, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains high in fiber.Fiber takes time to digest. Because of this, the body does not feel hungry, which saves you from overeating. It also strengthens your digestive system & helps with digestion.
  • Taking one and one-half teaspoons of flaxseed powder with light warm water in the morning reduces stomach fat. Flaxseed contains fiber and a lot of vitamins and minerals which protect the body from other serious diseases.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water.
  • Drinking cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint juice in the morning helps in weight loss, especially in reducing abdominal fat.  
  • Green tea, barries (celery), nuts, curd, pulses, oats, poultry, fatty fish should be used more and more to reduce fat.
  • Apart from the above things, one should not sit in a chair for too long in the office. One should walk for at least 5 minutes every hour.  By doing this, you can save your body from serious side effects.

What not to eat:

Drink small amounts of sweets and alcohol. Don't eat junk food. If you can't live without alcohol, a moderate (not more than 60) amount is allowed with Nil junk food snakes. Please keep in mind not to overeat after drinking.

Do not consume saturated fat. Do not use sugar at all.  Do not eat dishes made from fine flour. should not eat rice. If rice is to be eaten, then brown rice can be eaten.  Do not eat any fat items. Reduce the use of ghee and oil in food.

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