Black Pepper | Black Pepper Benefits | Medicinal value of Black Pepper

Black Pepper | Black Pepper Benefits | Medicinal value of Black Pepper

Black Pepper

In the botanical world, the half-ripe and dried fruits of a creeper-like plant called Piper nigrum are known as black pepper. The black pepper plant belongs to the family Piperaceae and bears fruit perennially. Black pepper is used as a spice. Black pepper, Gol Mirch, Mirch, Kalimiri, Kalimirch, etc. are its other names.

White Peppercorn

White pepper is obtained from the black pepper plant, whose fruit is plucked before ripening. Actually both white and black pepper are fruits of the same plant, they are named differently only because of their colour and they are also used differently. White peppercorns are mostly used in light-coloured dishes such as soups, salads, thandais, baked recipes, etc. to retain their colour.

White pepper

Green peppercorn | Black Pepper Benefits
Peppercorn Plants with Fruits

White pepper (marjoram) is made by soaking half-ripe and fully-ripe fruits in water, mashing them by hand, and removing the top peel. By doing this, the black peel comes off and the pepper becomes white. With the removal of the peel, its effect reduces a bit, and there is some gentleness in its properties.

Origin of black pepper (Kalimirch)

Black pepper is an Indian plant, and its native place is only south India. Outside India, it is grown in countries like Indonesia, Borneo, Indochina, Malayasia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc. Historically and economically, black pepper has a very important place in Indian hot spices around the world. Information about the description and use of black pepper has also been given in Ayurvedic texts. Black pepper has been used in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic remedies since ancient times. Its description is also found in the ancient histories of different countries in the world, including Greece, Rome, and Portugal. In the 15th century, the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama reached the famous Malabar coast of India by sea for the first time in search of black pepper. Then he carried the trade of black pepper to the countries of Europe through the sea route.

The black pepper plant grows in abundance in the forests of Travancore and Malabar. Apart from this, it is also grown in Travancore, Cochin, Malabar, Mysore, Coorg, Maharashtra, and in the hilly areas of Sylhet and Khasi in Assam. In many parts of South India, black pepper is cultivated from house to house. In fact, the expansion of black pepper is found from Malabar and Konkan in the north to Travancore and Cochin in the south.

Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper is used in every household in India. Along with India, it is also adopted as a main spice in foreign countries. Black pepper is considered the queen of spices; it is used in almost every vegetable, whether dry or juicy, in soup, salad, baking, etc. Black pepper is not used in food only for taste; it is also very beneficial for health.

Medicinal Benefits of Black Pepper

In Ayurvedic medicine, black pepper (Black Pepper Benefits) is used as a medicine. Black pepper is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Niacin, Sodium and Potassium. Along with increasing immunity, black pepper helps in protecting against problems like cold-cough and viral flu.

It prevents Vata and Kapha and expels Kapha and Vayu; it increases appetite and digests food. Black pepper makes the liver healthy and works to reduce stomach pain and kill stomach worms. It cures urinary disorders and prevents and treats asthma. Black pepper is used in almost all the dishes prepared during the winter. Black pepper protects against colds and throat diseases and is also beneficial for skin diseases, fever, leprosy, etc. In joint pain, arthritis, paralysis and itching, cooking black pepper in oil and massaging it is very beneficial.

Black Pepper Benefits

Let’s know about the medicinal use of black pepper.


Vitamin C and the antioxidants found in black pepper help boost immunity. Consuming a decoction of black pepper strengthens immunity.

Effective in weight loss

The piperine and antiobesity effects present in black pepper help in controlling weight. You can control your weight by including black pepper in your daily diet.


Consuming black pepper is beneficial for diabetes patients. The anti-hyperglycemic agents present in black pepper can help reduce the amount of glucose in the blood.

Makes the Skin healthy

Consuming black pepper not only helps in enhancing the taste and health but also in enhancing the beauty. The antioxidants present in black pepper oil can help keep the skin healthy.

Blood pressure

Consumption of black pepper is also considered very beneficial for patients with high blood pressure. Consuming black pepper with raisins can get rid of the problem of high blood pressure.

Black Pepper Price

Black Pepper Online is available at Amazon and other stores. Black Pepper Price varies from Indian Rupees 700- 850 per kg. Black pepper is served in restaurants in the form of black pepper powder, which you can enjoy by sprinkling it on top of your food.

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