Constipation | Home remedies for constipation

Constipation | Home remedies for constipation

Constipation Remedies and Treatments

Constipation happens when stools are challenging to evacuate and bowel movements become less often. The most frequent causes of constipation are changes in dietary intake or changes in routine lifestyle, a lack of appropriate fibre intake, or both. If you experience significant pain, blood in your stools, or constipation that persists for more than three weeks, you should contact your doctor for proper advice.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is defined as having less than three bowel motions (stool Pass) in a week. The frequency of going to toilet varies greatly from person to person. While some people go to the bathroom for releasing stool multiple times each day, others only do it once or twice per week. Whatever your bowel movement pattern is, as long as you don't wander too far from it, it's unique to you and normal.

What causes Constipation?

Constipation can be caused on by a number of factors, including prescription drugs, medical problems, and pregnancy.

Constipation is frequently brought on by lifestyle factors like:

  • Eating low-fiber meals.
  • Not getting enough fluids (dehydration).
  • Not working out enough.
  • Alterations to your daily schedule, such as travelling, eating, or sleeping at various times.
  • Consuming a lot of milk or cheese.
  • Stress.
  • Not giving in to the urge to urinate.
  • Whatever your bowel habits, the more time you wait to go, the more difficult it is for waste or stools to pass. Constipation is also commonly characterised by the following:
  • Your poop is dry and hard.
  • Your bowel movement hurts, and it's difficult to pass faeces.
  • You have the feeling that your bowels are still somewhat intact.

What are the symptoms of Constipation?

Constipation symptoms include: 

  • Having fewer than three bowel motions (stool pass) per week.
  • Your stools are lumpy, dry, and firm.
  • You get nausea and bloating.
  • After finishing your toilet, you feel as though you haven't entirely emptied your stomach. a diminished appetite
  • Lethargy

Constipation Remedies and Treatments

Following are the few best treatment for constipation:

Eat more fiber

By increasing the weight of your stool with additional fibre, you can hasten the passage of that stool through your intestines. It alleviates the symptoms of constipation. Additionally, it reduces the levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol, lowers the risk of colon cancer, and could perhaps aid with blood sugar regulation. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts are examples of foods high in fibre. To increase the amount of fibre in your diet, you can also take a supplement.

Workout more

Exercise encourages a regular, healthy digestive system. Your digestive system is improved by having strong abdominal muscles. Constipation problems may be relieved by getting some activity each day.

Drink more water

Increasing your liquid consumption may help with constipation, particularly when combined with a higher-fiber diet.

Skip the dairy products

There is evidence from numerous research linking dairy consumption to constipation. Some people think this might happen to those who are lactose intolerant, while others think it has to do with certain elements in milk.

Consume more natural laxatives

You should change your diet habit and use more natural laxatives like sweet potatoes, Pumpkin. Raisins. Figs. Leafy green vegetables. Seeds, Flaxseeds, Guava and other fibrous food. The natural fibrous fruits and seeds are best laxative. 

Use Stool Softener

You can take a form of emollient or surfactant laxative which are called as stools softeners. They work by expanding the amount of water and fat that your stool (poop) can absorb. As a result, your faeces soften and are easier to pass. The active ingredients in stool softeners are docusate sodium and docusate calcium. You can get the best treatment for chronic constipation from your family doctor.

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